The VW Bus Photobooth

VW photo bus

The 1974 VW Microbus Type 2 is the trendiest product of the 1960’s counterculture movement and our ultimate self driving photo booth! During the Airstream’s renovation, we found our groovy VW bus beachside in Santa Cruz, California. Lucky for us, this classic was still in working condition so the bus was up and running after just a few interior renovations! The photo booth is fully customizable and even the bus itself can be custom branded for your particular event needs. With full social media sharing capabilities there is no end to the array of features you’ll be getting with this wagon of fun.

Our mobile photo booth is a simple and effortless way to make sure your event is a one of a kind experience. We’ll personally drive the Volkswagen bus photobooth to your event, park the VW bus photo booth in the designated area, and be ready to take pictures in not time!

100% You

  • Choose from a variety of over 50 backdrops
  • Personalize the print layout and add your event name/ logo/ Dates at the bottom of each picture or even the bus itself
  • Choose your favorite print format
  • Let us know your theme, and we’ll do our best to match the props

100% Professional

  • Professional equipment and technology for breathtaking imagery
  • Onsite staff to assist your guests and maintain the vehicle
  • High resolution files after the event

100% Groovy

  • Add a touch of je ne sais quoi to your event decor
  • Unlimited prints and fun for the duration of your event
  • Share the photos online with the Social Media add-on