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The Vehicles

Curtis Clipper Lounge

The 1949 Curtis Wright Clipper is VintageFiesta’s premiere mobile party lounge! At 22 feet long the Curtis Wright Airstream is the perfect self-contained party lounge. The alien eye design and retro exterior give our Curtis Clipper named Gene, the nostalgic feel everyone loves. With it’s spacious interior boasting a functional kitchen with refrigerator, sink, seating area, TV, surround sound ,and vibrant lighting it is sure to get the party started from the inside out! The photo booth is an optional add-on for this particular trailer as it is already packed with a host of features ready to serve your guests.

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Retro London Taxi Photo Booth

Take a trip back in time to swinging London with this, 1969 Austin Fx4 London Taxi , VintageFiesta’s quintessential vintage vehicle photobooth. Measuring only 15 feet long the London Taxi named Terry, is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. The spacious interior can sit about three to five people comfortably. The photo booth design is simplistic, reminiscent of a vintage camera with an off camera flash. All of the doors open towards the middle of the car and the steering wheel is located on the right side, truly making it the perfect touch of vintage charm and elegance for any event!

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Airstream Photo Booth and Lounge

Step back in time and enjoy a modern photo booth with a vintage twist. Hellen, our vintage 1959 Airstream Globester is the leading VintageFiesta photo booth vehicle. As with our traditional open set booth, we use the same top quality equipment that is guaranteed to have your guests looking stunning! The rustic feel of this silver bullet adds vintage ambiance to all kinds of events!

And not only is our Airstream a chic photo booth, but we have also converted it into a retro lounge space that your guests will love. You and your guests will be consumed by wanderlust the minute you set your eyes on our irresistible silver trailer. Measuring about 18 feet long our Airstream is perfect for outdoor events and even fits in some larger indoor spaces!

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VW Bus Photo Booth

The VintageFiesta chic VW Bus photo booth named Vinnie, is a funkadelic 1974 Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus. With a full photo booth right in the back seat event guests love how easy and comfortable it is to capture their memories. The use of high-end lighting and photography equipment combined with years of professional photography experience allows us to offer top-tier photographs for your event needs, while still making sure your guests enjoy the booth to it’s maximum potential.

Our VW photo bus can fit 3 to 5 people comfortably but when the fun gets going the more people the merrier.  Vinnie measures only 14 feet long so it is the perfect piece to fit in tight spaces in both indoor and outdoor locales. 

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The concept behind VintageFiesta developed from a vision of combining a modern photo booth set with the nostalgic whimsy of vintage vehicles. The project began after the success of VintageFiesta’s parent company, SnapFiesta. We wanted to continue providing creative long lasting memories while being able to take the fiesta with us everywhere we went. The search was on to find the perfect vehicles that captured SnapFiesta’s fun-loving spirit. Our 1959 vintage Airstream was the first VintageFiesta purchase and it took two whole years to fully it convert into a captivating photo booth lounge. During those years, we also acquired our groovy 1974 vintage Volkswagen bus, and a very rare 1949 Silver Streak Clipper, all leading to the rise of VintageFiesta. The vintage trio has been making their way to various events since 2015, and back at homebase our collection of vintage vehicles has kept growing. Check out why these fun, vintage vehicles are sure to wow your guests and elevate any event to a full blown fiesta!

Event Services

From our groovy 1974 VW BUS photo booth to our classy 1949 Curtis Wright Clipper lounge, VintageFiesta is dedicated to capturing your events and sharing memories, no matter where the party goes! All of our vehicles have been renovated with events in mind, while still holding the whimsy of their vintage era so they add the perfect retro vibe with a modern twist. Our distinct collection of vintage vehicles will allow you and your guests to find the perfect addition for your particular event. With a mix of vehicles measuring from 14 to 22 feet, you can choose the perfect fit for your indoor or outdoor event!


Our mobile photo booths, including the VW Bus, and retro London Taxi can be fully custom tailored for your particular event needs. With a vast variety of themed props, personalized print layouts, and even custom branded vehicle details you are guaranteed a one of a kind experience! Our premiere party lounges will leave your guests feeling like a real V.I.P.. With self-sustained entertainment our VintageFiesta party lounges are the perfect extension to a wide variety of events!

Unlimited Fun

Whichever vintage vehicle you choose you’ll be sure to have a blast from the past! So just grab some friends and throw on some funky props to be transported back in time inside one of our awesome vintage photo booth lounges! Come find out what vehicle is made for YOUR party!

You are our priority

From first point of contact we consider your satisfaction our priority! VintageFiesta makes a point of answering all of your questions and needs quickly and efficiently. Our client-focused team is fully dedicated to making the entire process as simple and enjoyable as possible for you and your guests!

Why VintageFiesta?


Rain or shine, VintageFiesta will be there! With ample space in our vehicles, we have the ability to bring everything inside the vintage vehicles if need be. Our mobile lounge is packed with entertainment elements that will keep the party going beyond the physical barriers of your event.  


We offer a variety of backdrops and other customization options. Our VW bus can support a variety of different backdrops, and while our other vehicle set ups are more simple, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your particular event. The print layouts can be fully customized and you will even have the ability to add custom branded auto details to the outside of our vintage vehicles.

Onsite Printing

We offer a a variety of printing options all onsite. VintageFiesta ensures that your guests will leave happy with a high quality keepsake from your event. With re-prints on demand!

Social Media

Want to share your photos immediately? VintageFiesta has got you covered. Our Social media integration allows you and your guests to instantly upload your fun photo booth pics to the social media platform of your choice in real time!


Just like our original photo booths our VintageFiesta booths use modern technology and professional equipment to create a dynamic photography experiences. VintageFiesta adds a unique, engaging, and entertaining element to any event. We print on-site and always staff the booth with a fun, friendly attendant to help get your fiesta started!

Online Gallery

After the event all of your images will be available on our online gallery. Don’t want it public? No problem! You can choose to have your gallery password protected, or even keep it completely off the site.

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